Analysis of the rolling mill industry: the market prospect is broad in 2023

Published Date: 2023-02-20

The technology of the rolling mill machine has achieved significant development, and the rolling mill market in my country has been gradually promoted. At present, the rapid development of high-speed continuous strip mills and wide-thick plate mills has reduced the cost of strips, improved their quality, and been widely used. my country's high-speed rolling mills have grown rapidly, realizing the leapfrog development of the rolling mill machine, and the global competitiveness of my country's high-wire rolling mills has been significantly improved.


The metallurgical rolling mill is an important strategic equipment in China. The role of the rolling mill is inseparable from the metal billet to be turned into a metal plate and strip. Modern industry has higher and higher requirements for the width, surface precision and material hardness of metal plates and strips. For example, the flight deck of large ships and large-diameter oil and gas pipelines require rolling mills to have extremely high power and control precision. These two key Performance indicators are determined by the main drive system technology of the rolling mill.


Like software, the rolling mills used by iron and steel enterprises can also install accessories on the previous generation of units for product upgrades. The sixth-generation high-speed wire rod rolling mill launched by Harbin Guangwang Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the only rolling mill product in the world that can upgrade the previous generation of rolling mills. Through technological innovation and continuous introduction of new products, Guangwang Company has occupied half of the domestic high-speed wire rolling mill market, playing a role in promoting the overall improvement of domestic steel rolling technology.


Limited by rolling equipment, the added value of iron and steel products produced by my country's iron and steel enterprises is low, so China is a big steel country, but not a strong one. The sixth-generation rolling mill will produce a higher level of high value-added steel products and improve my country's rolling technology. In 2016, the total import and export trade volume of my country's wire rolling mills was 1,040 units, and in 2017, the total import and export trade volume was 566 units; in the first quarter of 2018, the total import and export trade volume was 118 units.


The production capacity of China's metallurgical industry accounts for more than 50% of the world's share, and the market share of high-power rolling mill main transmission equipment exceeds 4,000 units. Equipment renewal and production line upgrades will bring huge market demand, and the market size is expected to reach tens of billions of yuan. Compared with imported equipment, the localization of the main transmission system can reduce the investment cost of customers by more than 20% at one time, which does not include the costly maintenance costs of imported equipment. At the same time, the system can also be expanded and applied in the fields of ship electric propulsion, mining, wind power, etc., and has broad market prospects in the future.


With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, rolling mills have played a pivotal role in the national steel manufacturing industry. After continuous development, they have become a benchmark force in China's steel rolling equipment.


Rolling mills have played an important and positive role in metal forming and resource mergers and acquisitions, and will also play their due role in social transformation strategies in the future. On the basis of many years of practical experience in production, the rolling mill continuously learns and absorbs advanced steel rolling technology, and combines it with the actual situation to continuously improve the application effect and level of steel rolling.


Rolling mills have always occupied a large proportion in the market due to their many varieties and good quality advantages. Hot strip rolling mill is a method and device for controllably straightening and cooling wide metal strips, especially steel strips or plates, discharged from a hot strip rolling mill. In the demanding thin plate market, a new breakthrough has been made in the technology of hot strip mills.


Compared with strip rolling mills, the development is relatively slow: such as cantilever CL mills, short stress line high rigidity HS rolling mills, short stress line universal rolling mills, etc., but the overall rolling speed has not increased much, and there is no good breakthrough point . For rolling mill manufacturers, this is both a challenge and an opportunity. Through continuous summarization of experience in practice, rolling mill manufacturers have improved the quality of steel rolling equipment: hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, continuous casting and rolling, rod and wire rolling mills, etc. Great progress has been made.


Compared with the similar rolling mill manufacturing market, rolling mill manufacturing has more comparative advantages. The steel rolling process technology has gradually developed and matured, which can well meet the needs of various levels of the steel rolling industry. Moreover, it also has a considerable advantage in price, which will also accelerate its own development. The equipment effectively expands the emerging market space and fully demonstrates its extraordinary competitive advantages in the market.


The overall operation of the rolling mill is stable, and the market development environment of the rolling mill machine is bright. To sum up, the entire rolling mill process requires a complete set of mechanical equipment, including the main engine and auxiliary equipment. In the future development space, the gradual maturity and popularization of rolling mill technology is a relatively obvious trend in the development of the rolling mill machine.