Shoe Washing Machine Industry Analysis: Market Development Prospects and Consumption Status in 2023

Published Date: 2023-01-17

With the transfer of the main force of consumption, young people have more and more voice and influence in consumption, and "refined and lazy" is becoming a trend. As a product of the era of consumption upgrading, shoe washing machines have gradually become familiar to young consumers after more than ten years of development since their birth, and the brand camp and product categories of shoe washing machines have also become richer. As the income of Chinese residents continues to increase, user consumption is gradually tilted towards development and enjoyment, which is conducive to the popularization of emerging home appliances.


Shoe washer is not a small ordinary washing machine. There are three-dimensional brushes in the drum of shoe washer, which can perform deeper cleaning. Some shoe washing machines can also be used to wash carpets, and the brush can be removed to wash clothes; there are also shoe washing machines equipped with blue light irradiation to disinfect and inhibit bacteria for shoes; there are also shoe washing machines equipped with drying equipment after cleaning Function, washing and drying in one.


According to data from e-commerce platforms, during this year’s “National Day” holiday, the consumption of improved products such as smart home appliances and kitchen appliances increased significantly. Among them, the sales of shoe washing machines in the first three days increased by 7 times compared with the period of November last year, becoming the most popular product in these days. AVC online monitoring data shows that from January to August 2022, the scale of shoe washing machines has exceeded 300,000.


shoe washer sales market is blank, the sales base is relatively small, consumers’ increasing demand for quality of life and the mentality of early adopters are the main reasons for the hot sale of shoe washing machine products.


The price of shoe washing machines on the e-commerce platform is generally between 200 yuan and 600 yuan. There are small non-brand shoe washing machines below 100 yuan, and there are also high-end products with a price of 1,000 yuan. One of the most expensive shoe washing machines is It is 4999 yuan, and the monthly sales volume is 3. According to the best-selling list and praise list of shoe washing machines on the e-commerce platform, the top three of the two lists are the three products of Oaks, Zhigao and Aodelai, which are priced at 218 yuan, 678 yuan and 1498 yuan respectively. The price range is large.


Since the beginning of this year, it has been favored by washing machine giants including Midea and Haier in the Chinese market, and has been launched in the Chinese market one after another. Especially with the opening of the washing machine market in the new season, shoe washing machines, like dryers, have begun to become the product of consumption upgrading and user group segmentation in China's washing market.


Relevant companies have released data showing rapid growth in both revenue and profits. After transforming the scene brand, Haier Zhijia's various industries have achieved sustained high growth. The momentum of high growth continued to August. Among them, Haier washing machine's market share exceeded 52.5% in August, and achieved high growth on the basis of ranking first in the industry; An increase of 327%.


As the income of Chinese residents continues to increase, user consumption is gradually tilted towards development and enjoyment, which is conducive to the popularization of emerging home appliances. At the same time, in the era of "lazy economy", the household appliances industry has been able to continuously expand new tracks. Sub-categories such as shoe washing machines have gradually become an artifact for young consumers to wash and care their "love shoes".


Oaks, Midea, Changhong, Zhigao, Yangzi, Royalstar, Duckling, Xiaomi, Phoenix and many other traditional home appliance companies and emerging home appliance brands have launched shoe washing machines.


At present, the shoe washing industry is currently in a critical stage of transformation to the Internet +, and there are many irregularities in the industry. Most of the shoe washing shops in the market are extensions of dry cleaners, and they are not professional enough. That is to say, such services It can only meet simple cleaning requirements, but for some expensive shoes that need special care and shoes with special materials, more professional care processes are required.


According to the analysis of industry insiders, from the perspective of brands, for the main brands that are deeply involved in the laundry care market, the market demand for washing machines is gradually saturated, and consumption is not booming. Shoe washing machines are becoming another option for brands to expand their track. With the influx of mainstream brands and the promulgation of industry standards, shoe washing machines still have broad market prospects in the future and will gradually develop in a healthy way.


Under the influence of the epidemic, consumers pay more and more attention to the hygiene and safety of clothing and shoes when going out. When smart, high-temperature sterilizing clothes care machines and fully automatic shoe washing machines become rigid demands, new home appliances, clothes care machines and shoe washing machines will develop rapidly.


At present, shoe washer is in the initial stage of market development, and the market has not yet formed a stable structure. Due to the relatively low threshold for product manufacturing, there are many participating manufacturers and the market is mixed. At the same time, as far as shoe washer itself is concerned, consumers have doubts about its washing effect, and there are endless discussions about whether shoe washer is a cleaning artifact or an IQ tax product.


In 2021, the national single-sports shoes market will reach 250 billion yuan, a growth rate far exceeding that of other industries. The per capita number of shoes is about 12 pairs. At present, the total holdings of Chinese shoes exceeds 15 billion pairs. The invention of shoe washer and its entry into the market can be described as a blue ocean market with rigid demand and high frequency.