Office furniture market research: the market size is expected to grow to 118.3 billion yuan in 2026

Published Date: 2022-09-26
With the acceleration of my country's internationalization process, foreign companies will set up offices in China one after another, and there is a large demand for office furniture. It is expected that in the next few years, the sales revenue of my country's office furniture industry will show an increasing trend with the advancement of technology. According to Hengzhou Bozhi's forecast, the market size of my country's office furniture industry will increase to 118.3 billion yuan in 2026.

As a branch of the furniture industry, China's office furniture industry has achieved rapid development with the continuous update of production technology, the continuous increase of varieties, the gradual formation of specialized production and the continuous improvement of management level.

In recent years, the acceleration of my country's urbanization process and the continuous expansion of commercial housing, especially the sales area of ​​office buildings, have brought broad downstream demand to my country's office furniture industry, promoting the increase in the output of the office furniture industry, product design innovation and quality improvement, and industrial cluster development. The good competition pattern of the company has also strongly promoted the development of the office furniture manufacturing industry. At present, my country's office furniture manufacturing industry has formed five industrial clusters in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Rim, the Northeast and the West.

Office furniture is currently in increasing demand as part of furniture procurement. According to the data, office furniture refers to work furniture used in offices or homes, including office chairs, filing cabinets and desks. According to the classification standard of use, office furniture can be divided into conference room furniture, office furniture, design room furniture, negotiation room furniture, reception room furniture, reception room furniture, school teaching furniture and laboratory furniture.

With the rapid development of China's economic construction, banks, securities, schools, hospitals, enterprises and institutions continue to expand, and office conditions continue to improve, and the demand for comfortable office furniture will continue to increase.

1. Environmental protection upgrade

There are two directions for the environmental protection track of the office furniture industry: one is the board standard innovation represented by "Zhaosheng's environmentally friendly MDF powder"; . No matter which one it is, environmental protection and health have gradually become the mainstream of high-end office furniture. At the same time, with the state's explicit regulations on sheet formaldehyde and indoor health standards, the top 500 corporate customers have clear national procurement standards, and the environmental protection track is no longer a concept, but has become an absolute strategy for mid-to-high-end office furniture companies.

2. Segmentation

Office furniture includes multiple segments, including usage, style, and users, as well as hotels, medical care, display, office, etc. The furniture needs of each segment are very different. Therefore, the company's products focus on subdivisions to create professional product positioning, with Golden Phoenix as the representative of hotel furniture specialty, Sennics focusing on Fortune 500 corporate customers, and Changjiang's early focus on government furniture... Achieve enterprise leadership with professionalism in specific product areas.

3. High-end customization

As head companies become bigger and bigger, and their aesthetics are getting higher and higher, office furniture will also enter the era of customization in the future, but office furniture is concentrated in the high-end customization of executive independent offices. High-end customization can achieve the matching balance of the overall sales of office furniture. The proportion of finished office furniture products sold in tables and chairs is often larger than that of cabinets, and even cross-border robbery by decoration companies. Enterprise data shows that only 1 file cabinet can be sold for every 3 desks sold. High-end customization can not only deeply explore the product needs of customers. At the same time, in today's mature digital system, high-end customization is an important direction of product transformation, and it is also the direction of business transformation of office furniture companies.