Feasibility research report: market prospect and supply and demand analysis of air energy water heater industry in 2022

Published Date: 2022-09-20
The gas energy water heater industry has been included in the category of energy-saving subsidies for the first time by the state. As the first favorable policy for the air source heat pump industry at the national level, this has greatly promoted the development of the industry. After the introduction of the "coal-to-clean energy" policy, the heat pump heater market exploded, which led to the rapid growth of the overall air source heat pump market, with sales revenue exceeding 10 billion yuan.

As an emerging fourth-generation environmentally friendly and energy-saving water heater, the gas energy water heater industry has many advantages such as safety, energy saving, comfort, etc., and meets the society's green development requirements for low-carbon and environmental protection. The market prospect of the heat pump water heater industry is quite large. Heat pump water heaters currently lack a unified evaluation system for energy efficiency classification, and there are disputes in the market, which cause some confusion to consumers. This is related to the trend of some energy-saving policies in the future. Therefore, it is imperative to unify the standards.

The gas energy water heater industry is more active in the development of the southern market. On the one hand, the northern market is showing signs of weakness; on the one hand, the original hot water market channel is undergoing a large-scale renewal and upgrading; on the other hand, air source heat pumps The expansion of the company in the southern market is mainly dominated by hot water products. At present, the demand for comfortable home systems in the southern market is increasing, and it is difficult to control the market with air energy water heater products.

The strengthening of energy conservation and emission reduction work in my country has promoted a period of rapid development of high-efficiency and energy-saving home appliances including air-energy water heaters. However, although air energy water heaters have better performance in energy saving and environmental protection, the market penetration is relatively slow, accounting for less than 1% of the overall water heater market.

According to statistics, the market size of the gas energy water heater industry shows a fluctuating growth. After reaching the peak in the past five years in 2019, the scale of the epidemic dropped to 18.3 billion yuan in 2020, a year-on-year decrease of 1.6%. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for most air source heat pumps was suppressed. After the epidemic eased, the market size recovered.

The number of products in the gas-energy water heater industry has reached more than 400,000 units, and the export market has hit a new high. Although some industry insiders said that the export market will indeed usher in explosive growth in the past two years, due to statistical difficulties, the actual number of gas-energy water heater products may be much higher than 400,000 units, but it does not affect the upward trend of the export market. . Among them, there are many dazzling companies such as Midea, Finney, Hot Cube, Fiyaland, Zile, Auclei and so on.

The data shows that the retail sales of the water heater industry was 20.67 million units, and the retail sales were 2.54 million yuan, down 5.6% and 3.0% year-on-year respectively. With the rapid development of the domestic household appliance industry and the continuous increase of local water heater brands, the import volume of water heaters in my country has gradually decreased. In 2020, the import volume of water heaters in my country is only 54,575 units, a decrease of 18.87% compared with 2019.