Printed Circuit Board Market Analysis: Expected to Reach $77.4 Billion in 2028

Published Date: 2022-09-09
In recent years, with the increasing investment in research and development of domestic printed circuit board and PCB chemicals companies and the continuous improvement of product quality, some high-end printed circuit board products have been accepted by PCB manufacturers, and it is expected to gradually break the long-term monopoly of foreign companies in the high-end printed circuit board PCB chemicals market. situation.

The production capacity of the printed circuit board industry has been continuously transferred to my country, coupled with the stimulation of strong demand growth in downstream fields such as communication electronics, consumer electronics, computers, automotive electronics, industrial control, medical equipment, national defense and aerospace, my country's printed circuit board industry has grown significantly in recent years. Higher than the growth rate of the global printed circuit board PCB industry.

China's printed circuit board pcb manufacturing industry is a highly competitive industry. After the rapid development stage and the tempering of the fierce market competition of printed circuit board pcb, the basic pattern of printed circuit board pcb industry has gradually formed. As of 2020, the number of PCB companies in mainland China has reached more than 2,000. At present, there are about 2,800 printed circuit board companies in the world, mainly located in six major regions including mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, North America and Europe.

From the perspective of the product structure of the printed circuit board industry, multilayer boards still occupy the mainstream position in the current printed circuit board industry market. With the rapid development of technology in the electronic circuit industry, the integration functions of components are becoming more and more extensive, and the high-density requirements of electronic products on PCBs are more prominent. dominate the market.