Mechanical Equipment Market Analysis: Overall Sales of China Low-voltage Distribution Cabinet Market About 19.217 Billion Yuan

Published Date: 2022-09-08
After 50 years of development, my country's low-voltage electrical appliances have formed a relatively complete system so far. From the first generation of products in the 1960s and 1970s, to the second generation in the 1970s and 1980s, to the third generation in the 1990s, and the fourth generation in the early 2000s, the current Low-voltage power distribution cabinets have developed from the earliest low performance indicators, small capacity, large volume, single function, and few specifications to products with high performance, small volume, electronic, intelligent, modular, multi-functional and other characteristics. my country began to introduce low-voltage switchgear in the 1980s, and introduced low-voltage complete sets of equipment in the 1990s. Through joint ventures with foreign companies, foreign advanced technologies and equipment were continuously introduced into China. The low-voltage complete switchgear imported from abroad has the following characteristics in general: These devices have a leading level in the design of the cabinet, the fault arc protection capability of the equipment, the processing technology, and the intelligence of the switchgear, and have a great technical A major breakthrough, major foreign companies have been committed to the realization of centralized monitoring of low-voltage power supply systems, and actively carry out research on intelligent low-voltage switches and intelligent low-voltage switchgear.

After years of development, my country's low-voltage power distribution cabinet industry has gradually developed from the initial small capacity, low performance, few functions, and large volume to the direction of good performance, small size, and intelligence, and gradually formed a relatively complete system. Judging from the technical patents of low-voltage power distribution cabinets, a total of 4,010 patents have been applied, mainly for utility models and invention patents, including 2,654 utility model patents, accounting for 66.18% of the total patent applications, and 1,025 invention patents.

The development of the low-voltage distribution cabinet industry is closely related to the national industrial life, and is positively related to the national economic development and social fixed asset investment.

The sales of my country's low-voltage power distribution cabinet industry are generally on the rise, but due to the slowdown in macroeconomic growth in recent years, the slowdown in real estate investment growth, and the slowdown in power investment growth, the industry growth rate has declined. The overall sales of the national low-voltage distribution cabinet market is about 19.217 billion yuan, an increase of 8.60% over the previous year. Driven by downstream demand, its market sales will increase slightly and will exceed 20 billion yuan.