Audio Amplifier Industry Research Report-2022-2028 Global Market Size Analysis

Published Date: 2022-05-12
1.1.1 Analysis of Current Status of Audio Amplifier Industry

[Huge potential in the downstream market] Audio amplifiers are one of the important components of multimedia products and are widely used in the field of consumer electronics.

[Class D power amplifiers are favored by downstream enterprises] In recent years, with the popularization of portable multimedia devices such as MP3, PDA, mobile phones, and notebook computers, the efficiency and volume of linear power amplifiers can no longer meet the requirements of the market. The advantages of small size are more and more popular. Therefore, high-performance Class D power amplifiers have very important application value and market prospects.

[Weak competition] Considering that there are many types of audio power amplifier products, the product overlap between different manufacturers is relatively low, and the industry itself has weak competition in the segmented field.

1.1.2 Development Trend of Audio Amplifier

[Industry concentration has increased, and the market has shown oligopolistic competition] Due to the long R&D cycle and high technical barriers of audio power amplifier chips, chip manufacturers have high requirements for high intellectual property manufacturing processes, making large-scale manufacturers with capital and technical advantages. If the entry threshold of the industry can be successfully raised, it is difficult for other small and medium-sized manufacturers who are restricted by technology and talents to enter the integrated circuit chip industry.

[Localization Substitute] Based on the development status of my country's semiconductors and integrated circuits and the international trade situation faced, the industry has an obvious specialization and division of labor. Most audio power amplifier companies still operate in the Fabless mode. Overseas companies, especially in wafer manufacturing , materials, equipment, software/IP areas still have strong technical and competitive advantages. In the future development, with the improvement of the degree of independent development of my country's industry, localization substitution will continue.

[Analog to digital] The audio power amplifier chip is the core component that drives the sound of mobile electronic devices. On the whole, its application effect is being gradually optimized in terms of high volume, low noise, anti-interference, anti-breaking sound, and low power consumption. Technically It has begun to develop from analog power amplifiers to digital power amplifiers and digital-analog hybrids.

[Combination] From the perspective of sound development, in order to strengthen the sound effect of the audio power amplifier chip, the continuous evolution of the sound effect algorithm and the use of the audio power amplifier chip will be expected to become the mainstream combination.

[Power improvement] From the perspective of supportive development, in order to increase the types of mobile electronic devices that can be driven, the output power of audio power amplifier chips will be further improved to achieve applications in multiple scenarios such as loudspeakers and loudspeakers.

1.2 Risks faced by the development of the audio amplifier industry

Interface integration of audio amplifiers with different audio devices and lowering price margins for audio amplifier manufacturers are some of the key factors restraining the market growth.

The business is subject to general economic conditions. Any uncertainty or adverse changes, such as turbulence in global economic and political conditions, including rising interest rates or inflation, commodity prices, trade frictions, sovereign debt issues and/or other uncontrollable factors, may lead to demand for audio amplifiers dramatically drop.

As price competition is likely to become more intense in the future, manufacturers will respond by taking further steps to reduce costs and bring high value-added products with the company's proprietary technology to the market. However, if competitors launch products at prices the company cannot match, or if customer demand changes, the company's profitability could deteriorate, and its earnings and financial health could deteriorate.

1.3 Overall Size Analysis of Global Audio Amplifier Market

In 2021, the global audio amplifier market sales reached USD 1670.31 million and is expected to reach USD 2470.05 million in 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.63% (2022-2028). In the next few years, the industry will have great uncertainty. The forecast data for 2022-2028 in this article is based on the historical development of the past few years, the opinions of industry experts, and the opinions of analysts in this article.